Five Ways to Speed up your Android Phone in under 5 Minutes

Android phone users are usually very frustrated with the performance of their phone when it comes to its speed, especially when they are switching from one app to another or when they are typing letters on the keypad. But, no worries! This issue can be resolved by some simple ways in no time:

android smartphone optimization guide for fast speed android

Step #1 – Clean-up Apps

Cleaning up the cache of each app, which is installed in your phone, can save you from facing the problem of a slow android phone. There might be hundreds of apps in your phone which might take a lot of time to clear the cache of each app at a time. The method is time consuming but there is an alternate to it. Each Android phone has a free app called “app cache cleaner”. By tapping on it, all the cache will be removed instantly.

Step #2 – Obsolete Apps

Disabling or uninstalling the app that have not been in use for a long time is another simple method. This is just a matter of seconds which can provide you with the comfort of your using your Android phone freely. You just have to click on the unused app and have to tap on “uninstall” and then on the “Okay” key. You will get rid of the app that has been using your phone resources futilely.

Step #3 – Maintenance Apps

Apart from the in-built cache cleaner of your phone, there are some android phone that don’t come with their personal cache cleaner. You can install a suitable one according to the requirements of your phone. We found “Lightning Launcher Home” to be the best among all because of its usage and the way it controls Android phone’s user interface. From play store, you can download and start it running within 30 seconds.

Step #4 – Remove useless Widgets

An Android phone levitra online australia comes with a lot of widgets and shortcuts for the ease of the user. But the user might not be interested in using all of them. You can delete some of the widgets which you think are not of your use.  This would save upon a lot of space and precious memory of your phone. By dragging those widgets and shortcuts off your screen would take a couple of seconds but would wonder for your Android phone.

Step #5 – App Updates

There are some social networking apps which need backup synchronization for your phone. This means that they need to get updates from the internet so that they stay synched all the time. This process not only constantly uses up your Android phone’s battery but also slows down your phone’s performance. You can manually stop those apps which you need not to be synched all the time without any purpose. This can be done as follows:

  1. Go to Settings, tap on Data Usage, click on Context Menu, click auto sync data mode to off and press ok to the warning that comes on screen.
  2. To stop auto sync of Google accounts, the method is described as: go to Settings, tap on Google under the accounts category, tap the account name. If the account name appears in green, this means that it allows disabling but if it is shown in gray colour, then auto sync is already disabled. Likewise, tap all the auto sync of calendar, contacts and email to off mode.

On the whole, it would take less than five minutes to put back your android phone in a peppy condition.

This article was written by Katherine Switzer an avid writer and blogger at Android spy app. She loves to review Android smartphones, apps and gadgets as a hobby. You may connect with her @kathrineswitzer

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4 Responses to “Five Ways to Speed up your Android Phone in under 5 Minutes”

  1. Fiona

    Feb 02. 2014

    Thank you for the helpful droid speed tips 🙂

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  2. SpeedDroid

    Feb 17. 2014

    Great speedy tips for my android. Thanks

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  3. Jatin Singhroha

    Feb 21. 2014

    Overclocking CPU, using performance governor, removing bloatware, setting SD read/write values to 2048 or 4098, overclocking GPU to max. Nothing beats these! Of course all these work at the expense of battery so you can always undervolt your device to get better battery life

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  4. Lamb

    Sep 19. 2014

    I like Power Clean better. It helps me free up storage, clean up memory, remove or disable unnecessary apps, know my device and speed up it. I learned about it on XDA Devs

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