Unveiling some niftiest features – you can expect from iOS 8

Whether Apple offers a small update or a complete makeover, it always attracts the attention of consumers and competitors, and often gets highlighted before the release of its updates.

The recent WWDC 2014 has revealed the amazing features and benefits of upcoming OS 8 and OS X 10.10 Yosemite. After this conference, a lot can be expected from the forthcoming iPhone 6.

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The Apple iPhone 6 will feature an improved operating system – iOS 8, and certain surveys depict that iPhone 6 is the most anticipated release ever.

iOS 8 will be the most user-friendly operating system, it will come complete with incredible features that will help Apple stand ahead of its competitors.

The beta versions of iOS 8 have provided users a vague picture of its features and functionalities. Let’s have a look at what Apple iOS 8 will be going to offer in stores for us.

  • Enhanced camera features: Nowadays, camera is considered as an essential hardware in any device. People look for the camera quality while making their choices. The iOS 8 will come complete with the Time Lapse feature that facilitates users to click pictures over a period of time; this function is often available in superior digital cameras. It will also provide improved cropping styles, manual exposure, manual color options and much more.

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  • Battery Usage stats: Now, the users will be able to monitor their battery status and regulate their device accordingly with the new battery usage menu. It will facilitate users to easily retrieve the know about of the battery usage stats.

battery usage feature iOS 8

  • Improved notification banner: The notification banner will allow you to instantly revert back to the messages or reminders with ease and that too without leaving the ongoing application.
  • QuickType Keyboard: The iOS 8 will introduce a new keyboard for predictive typing. It offers word selections that can be activated or deactivated as per an individual’s preference. You can also install some third-party keyboards.

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  • iCloud Drive: This file hosting service will allow users to save their images, videos, music or other application data to the iCloud. This will help users to keep their data synced while working from different devices. In fact, if you hire any Reputed iOS App Development Services in future, you will be able to share the files or other data with the hired professionals via this feature.

iOS 8 dashboard

  • Healthkit: Specifically designed to help users to monitor and track their fitness activities on a regular basis with ease. It can be linked with several other iOS health and fitness applications available out there. This feature is perfect for maintaining the personal health.

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Will your device will be able to make the grade with iOS 8?

For the folks who are urging to seek the benefits of he upcoming Apple iOS 8, but their pocket doesn’t allow to invest in the forthcoming iPhone 6, here is a good news for you. Since Apple offers 3 years of update, the iPhone 4, iPhone 5, iPhone 5C and iPhone5S users will be able to update their devices for the enhanced features of the available iOS 8. Not only the iPhone users, but the iPad users will also be able to update their iPad 3, iPad 4, iPad with Retina Display and iPad Air devices conveniently.

Wrapping Up

Apple has always offered its customers a reason of rejoice with the amazing features and nifty functions. If the above mentioned few dandy features have captivated you, you must start saving money to invest in the iPhone 6 that will come complete with iOS 8, as it is expected to be released by the end of this year.

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