my santa android app review

My Santa Claus

? Ho, ho, ho! Merry Christmas! Come and play with My Santa Claus, your new virtual friend! Talking to Santa Claus is now even more fun and easier than ever! ? There are hundreds of Santa Claus games out there to choose from, but your virtual talking friend Santa ... Continue Reading →
Huawei P9 android smartphone

How the Huawei P9 is more than your normal phone

The new Huawei P9 has been co-engineered with camera specialists Leica to form a brilliant new smartphone. As you would expect given the ties with Leica, the phone has many excellent options for photography, allowing you to capture all of those precious moments ... Continue Reading →
Worms 3 Android

Top 5 Competitive Game Apps On Android

The majority of mobile games are meant to be played by individuals for casual entertainment or even “time wasting,” as some like to say. But we’ve also seen a distinct movement in the last few years toward games that incorporate competition, either ... Continue Reading →
Mcent app android

Best Android Apps for Recharge

In modern time, our life revolve around gadgets and android phones. Fortunately, many apps have been introduced in the market that provide feasible free charges to attract more customers. Many apps are free to download and offer great recharges option. While I ... Continue Reading →
my talking pet

My Talking Bella – Virtual Pet

Cannot have real bunnies as pets? Get a virtual one! Bella is a baby bunny who will make you laugh. So, download My Talking Bella – Virtual Pet and enjoy playing talking rabbit games! Having bunnies as pets is becoming very popular nowadays and Bella is one happy ... Continue Reading →
Appointment Booking App review

Appointment Booking App

When you are a business owner, looking for new apps for your phone is probably the last thing on your to do list. But the power of apps can drastically reduce the amount of stress in your life. And all business owners can do with a little less stress, am I right? ... Continue Reading →

My Talking Panda – Virtual Pet

Looking for a virtual pet? Search no more because TALKING PANDA IS ALL YOU NEED. My Talking Panda – Virtual Pet takes talking animals and virtual animal games to a whole other level. Adopt baby panda ASAP! Continue Reading →

Top10 Android Apps for Employee Monitoring

Whether big or small, employee monitoring is quite in vogue these days throughout different businesses around the world. Besides invigilating your staff members over the shoulder, this task requires use of different employee monitoring apps that are plentiful and ... Continue Reading →
Microsoft's App Store Hit with Counterfeit Apps

Microsoft’s App Store Hit with Counterfeit Apps

It’s no secret that we have an ongoing love affair with our smartphone apps. Whether it’s Angry Birds, Periscope, or those irritating health apps we download on New Years day and then curse every time they remind us to exercise, it’s clear that ... Continue Reading →
android trading apps

Making Money with Mobile Trading Apps

Mobile trading has become more popular nowadays since smart phones are most efficient nowadays and have become affordable to everyone. In the recent years, mobile trading using apps have grown extremely and it including trading in commodities, forex and stocks. ... Continue Reading →
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