Review and Specification Features of Google's Nexus 7 Android Tablet>

Google Nexus 7 Review

Android as an operating system is based on open source and very successful on smartphone devices since years. When Apple officially released their first tablet pc called Apple iPad, for the Android community was clear what kind of Android devices will follow soon. ... Continue Reading →
Android Security - How to child proof your Android Smartphone

How to child proof your Android Smartphone Apps

If you are a parent having kids at home you know that your childrens want maximum entertainment the whole day. Your Android Smartphone is a great media center already and you want to benefit from it and share this entertainment and fun with your kids, so you let ... Continue Reading →
Android Tablet Market competition between Apple, Samsung, Asus and co

Asus? New King of Android Tablet Market

There are currently so many brands on the market who offer Android based tablets. They all are heavily competing with Apple’s iPad and much more now since Apple released the new iPad Mini (4th Generation). When we look back, it was Samsung who started off ... Continue Reading →
Music Apps for Android Review - Musical Freedom

Best Android Music Apps

Music is in the air with the best music apps for Android and fantastic solutions for your personal creativity. Music is a part of every human life and portable music became a digital revolution with the popular MP3 codec standard. With MP3 it was suddenly possible ... Continue Reading →
Android Apps for Business Travellers

Android Business Traveller Apps

Millions of people are travelling frequently by plane, train or car. In most cases the frequent travels have business reasons to either travel from the living home to the daily location of work or from their specific company to local or worldwide customers of that ... Continue Reading →
Android Action Games and Arcade

Android Action and Arcade Games

A perfect alternative to your daily Hollywood movies with classic war battles, AK47s matches, blood, honor and love story are great Action and Arcade Games for Android. Why should you just watch these skripted blockbuster movies when you can decide what the outcome ... Continue Reading →
Best Winter Apps for Android

Android Winter Apps

One thing is for sure this year again, the season will change and soon the Winter Season is here. Best time for us to look out for some great Android Winter Apps. There is no doubt that some folk like winter and others do not, but winter is unavoidable anyway so ... Continue Reading →
Best Physics Games for Android

Best Android Physics Games

Android Physics games are really great and my favorite kind of games for Android a like. An Android physics game is an app that simulates the real life physics effects of motion, enviromental gravity and action behaviors. Let’s say you drop a weight on an ... Continue Reading →
Best Productivity Apps for Android

Best Productivity Apps for Android

In our daily technological world of smartphones, tablet computers and ultrabooks, the systems share information with all available and internet connecting devices. For Android tablet there are some really nice and excellent productivity apps for Android available ... Continue Reading →
Best Multiplayer Games for Android

Best Multiplayer Android Games

So now you made yourself lucky with the purchase of a nice Google Nexus 7 tablet, an Asus Transformer Pad or a Samsung Galaxy Note. You also already downloaded the best free productivity apps to your new tablet device and your new hardware is ready to rock and ... Continue Reading →
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