Android customization project SlimBean top performance dark black mod

Android SlimBean – Unique Custom ROM

When we go deeper into the Android custom ROM scene, we already reviewed the famous CyanogenMOD in details which is the commly most known customization project for Android mods today. Followed by this candidate, other Android custom projects spread out of the ground. ... Continue Reading →
android 4.3 os running sony xperia z1 (honami) droid phone

Launch: Sony Xperia Z1 (Honami) Android 4.3

Till now, the device which was known as Xperia Honami is launching soon under the name Xperia Z1 powered by Jelly Bean Android (version 3.4). With too much of  leaked news and  ongoing rumors have confirmed that Sony is working on it and is launching Sony Xperia ... Continue Reading →
carbon android custom rom for flashing android smartphone rooting

Carbon Droid – Feature-rich Android ROM

Continuing our Android custom ROM review series, we have the MOD from the Carbon team who mainly focus on feature-rich Android operating system simply called Carbon. The latest version, Carbon 4.3 is based on the same version number of Android main branch and includes ... Continue Reading →
custom rom review Android Paranoid ROM Mod

Paranoid Android – Hybrid Custom ROM

In our series of custom ROMs for Android devices, we just had the famous CyanogenMOD which brings latest features of Android 3.4 (CM10.2) on a large variety of smartphones out there in the Android Galaxy. Our little green Droids make their home on nearly every ... Continue Reading →

CyanogenMod – Pure Android Custom ROM

As an open system by design, the concept of Android is nothing less than freedom for developers, software and sharing best practices. Linux users just love Android and based on its roots, the Linux kernel (kernel version 3.x with Android 4.x, prior 2.x) it shares ... Continue Reading →
social gaming with family and friends

Mobile Social Gaming Blazes Through Verizon’s Games Portal

Plenty of companies have made the social gaming leap, from developers, to companies that have never touched a video game before. Recently, Verizon announced its social gaming platform, Games Portal. It uses the PlayPhone platform and is set to be preloaded onto ... Continue Reading →
Xperia Tablet from Sony - Review Sony Xperia Z

Sony Xperia Tablet Z: Justified “Beyond the Ordinary”

In an effort to become the top dog and grab an upper hand in this fierce competitive market, The Sony Store launches Xperia Tablet Z as the finest Sony has to offer in the tablet form. This thinnest tablet by Sony Xperia, weighing a little over one pound with water ... Continue Reading →
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