Android Apps Review

Top Five Essential Android Apps For College Students

As a college student, life can get pretty complicated. Lectures, assignments, notes, staying away from home, trying to manage finances, studying and so much more! Don’t let it overwhelm you. If you are a student with an Android smartphone, your life can be ... Continue Reading →
Samsung Galaxy S5 vs S6

Style And Technology Wins The Samsung Galaxy S5 Vs S6 Competition

Both the s5 and s6 are great models but with innovation newer models are bound to keep coming in. The Galaxy 6 has broke and incorporated a lot of new features which are unique and have made the models in great demand. From the perspective of the design, the s6 ... Continue Reading →
best android apps

Android: the best applications to install on your new tablet

This is our selection of games and applications of the best software to install on your Android tablet. Navigating through the Google Play Store jungle sometimes can be difficult. This is especially true when your device is new and that it is not yet filled with ... Continue Reading →
android-powered apps for retirement

Android Apps and Retirement Planners

If there’s one aspect of your life that you really want to make sure is not left to chance, it’s your retirement. Once you leave your job or career and rely on a fixed income, you need to be certain that your savings and other financial resources are ... Continue Reading →
Android 5.1

Google Releases Android 5.1 Operating System

Google has provided its mobile and tablet users with a brand new version of its Android operating system last fall, giving them a whole new approach to app design, much improved functionality and cool new features. Although the OS has not been rolled out to all ... Continue Reading →
Samsung Galaxy E7 black and white

Great Features Make Samsung Galaxy E7 A Better Smart Phone To Invest Your Money

If you are in love with a great display and true colors, then a smart phone that focuses on it will be a great one to invest. The Super AMOLED screen is something mostly found in very high-end phone because of the quality of representation. It offers 100 percent ... Continue Reading →
Sprout Social android

Best Social Media Tools for Android

Consuming social media on your Android phone is easy – all you need to do is to install the appropriate apps (Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, whatever) and start spending time browsing through the posts and updates of your friends. When it comes to managing your ... Continue Reading →
Samsung Galaxy S4

The Samsung Galaxy S4 Is It Still Relevant?

Having the last model of a phone is not the priority of all, and you can find devices on very good prices on older models. In 2014, the Samsung Galaxy S4 was one of those bargains. But is it still a viable alternative in 2015? On the eve of the arrival of the ... Continue Reading →
Your Android Phone Makes Is The Ultimate Budgeting Tool

Your Android Phone Makes Is The Ultimate Budgeting Tool

Good budgeting apps aside. It’s tough to adequately put into words the joy of creating, maintaining, and operating within, a personal budget. This may be due to the fact that there’s no joy involved in the process whatsoever. Sadly, a budget is a necessary ... Continue Reading →
Samsung Galaxy Note 4

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Price In India Is Fully Justified

There is no denying the fact that, the house of Samsung brought some of the most amazing smartphones in 2014. A big hype was created before the launch of Galaxy Note 4, and thankfully Samsung lived up to the expectations. The phone is mainly designed for high end ... Continue Reading →
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