Nokia Lumia X Lollipop Android

Nokia Back in The Smartphone Market, With Android?

During the conference call that Nokia held last Thursday, which the Finnish company announced its financial results for the quarter, it made an interesting statement explaining that its name was the largest asset available to it on the market smartphones. Name ... Continue Reading →
mobile development - Android vs. iOS

Differences Between Developing Applications for iOS or Android

On many occasions we have talked about Android Free The programming such as we did with section Learn Android in 20 concepts. Today we will also talk about this, but seeing some of the changes that will suffer developers move from iOS to Android. Two different ... Continue Reading →
android freelancer apps

Top Android Apps For Freelancers

Maintaining freelance work without going through any major issues on a daily basis is a task cutover. Meanwhile, there are seasoned freelancers who experience more difficulty in managing their personal work because of the hectic work schedules. The availability ... Continue Reading →
Breathometer Android App Monitor Alcohol Intake

Breathometer: This Android App Monitors Your Alcohol Intake

Although most people recognize that drinking and driving is a serious matter, it’s one of those things that people tend to get a bit, shall we say, flexible about. Sure, we read or hear accounts of someone who was pulled over with a blood alcohol level that ... Continue Reading →
blackberry android apps

Choose Best Android Apps For BlackBerry 10

BlackBerry 10 is one of the advanced devices with best features offered to you in an excellent fashion. Getting along with your latest requirements in an exceptional manner is easily possible with the consideration of several features as per the given situation. ... Continue Reading →
SMS apps for Android

Top 5 SMS Text Message Apps For Android

Are you tired of using the same old conventional messaging system for your SMS contacts? Then, there are a wide range of options available from Android because of which you come across numerous features that offer you ultimate performance each time. Given below ... Continue Reading →
HTC Desire 816 phone quality

The latest from HTC is HTC Desire 816

If you are searching for a mid range smart phone device then consider buying HTC Desire 816. This is one of the latest and most amazing smart phones launched by the HTC Company. Let us try to find more about HTC Desire 816 in detail. Continue Reading →
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