android finance apps

6 Personal Finance Apps for Android

People like saving money. People like apps. So it stands to reason that people really like apps that save them money, so that they can then go out and buy more apps. It’s the circle of life. Always eager to do our part, here’s a sampling of a half dozen ... Continue Reading →
iphone music app

Step by step guideline to share music via WhatsApp

How many of you are aware about the multiple features of the WhatsApp messenger? I’m sure most of you would answer positively. Well, you can actually perform a number of activities with an active account on WhatsApp. From sharing pictures and videos to audio ... Continue Reading →
HTC Desire 816

Review : HTC Desire 816

HTC Desire 816 is a mid range smartphone. With HTC Desire 816, HTC has offered a fully featured smartphone, with a affordable price. Lets see what has HTC provided the consumers with HTC Desire 816. Here is the review for HTC Desire 816. Continue Reading →
iphone ios8 features

Unveiling some niftiest features – you can expect from iOS 8

Whether Apple offers a small update or a complete makeover, it always attracts the attention of consumers and competitors, and often gets highlighted before the release of its updates. The recent WWDC 2014 has revealed the amazing features and benefits of upcoming ... Continue Reading →
melt HTC

HTC : August 19, New York.

August 19 is the day for HTC. HTC has some new thing to show us on this day, i.e. August 19. HTC has planned a press event for this day in New York, so there must be something new for us on this day. But HTC hasn’t revealed anything yet about this press event. The ... Continue Reading →
android mobile development tips

Adopt Mobile-First Tactics And Harness Potential Of Mobile Web Design World

You cannot afford to ignore the potential of the mobile space as new smartphones and tablets continue to be introduced every year. Mobile browsers have been around for some years but have gained large importance in the current times. For the success of your business, ... Continue Reading →
Smartphones for Android Games

Top Smartphones For Gaming

Smartphones have become so advanced across the board that the differences between them are really becoming quite subtle. Sure, various high-end devices will look and feel different from one another. But in terms of power, features, and capability, the lines are ... Continue Reading →
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