android able2doc mobile application for androi

Turn Scanned PDFs to Editable Word Files on Your Smartphone for Free

Most documents today are created electronically in order to organize, search, archive, send and share them more quickly and easily. One of the greatest benefits and advantages of electronic documents is the fact that they help us preserve the environment by cutting ... Continue Reading →
android applications to communicate with people

Top 8 Communication Apps of 2014 for Android devices

Communication apps are all the rage because it used to be that people had to pay for sms messages when they wanted to communicate with others, but now there are apps for communicating in various ways without having to pay extra. Here are eight of them that are ... Continue Reading →
Android mobile cleanup app

Enhance your Android Phone Performance via The Cleaner app

In the current epoch of technology, you will rarely find a person without any smart gadget. Among different types of smart gadgets available in the market, Android phones have become a quite popular one. Now here you need to understand that different people buy ... Continue Reading →
creating without programming android applications

How to Create an Android App Without Programming

Did you know that you can create an Android app? You don’t even have to write a line of Java code in order to do it, all you need is a web browser, an account, and you can start creating apps. If you haven’t already heard of, ... Continue Reading →
Droid App review for tomatoes fun application for android

Android App Review: Tomatoes

In 2012, three guys from Brazil weren’t satisfied about how groceries could be such a painful process and how such a solid and important market weren’t benefiting from all the new technologies that were emerging at that time. Then an ambitious plan ... Continue Reading →
reader app for reddit on android baconreader for reddit

Bacon Reader: A Reddit reader for your Android

If you often use Reddit reader with your Android based tablet or phone then installing Bacon Reader is a smart option. It is a Reddit client, which makes things like comments, web browsing, creating new topics and uploading photos simple at different places. This ... Continue Reading →
android is a great operating systems not only for mobile devices

Reasons to Choose an Android Phone

The Smartphone or tablet market is dominated by the android based operating systems. There are number of brands, which have been using the OS from Google. Thanks to the number of features it carries, it has simply brought the other mobile operating systems including ... Continue Reading →
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